Authorities in Tuscola County are investigating a complaint that a 16-year-old was allegedly blackmailed after the teen sent nude photos over the internet.

The teen is said to have developed a brief online friendship with someone who had apparently misrepresented himself. The teen was then lured into sending nude pictures to the person in question.

Investigators say the teen was then blackmailed -- asked to send money or else the pictures would be posted online in a public forum.

Sgt. Joseph Rowley of the Michigan State Police tells NBC-25 that in a case like this, someone could be charged with blackmail, a form of extortion for trying to extort money from someone in lieu of posting something online.

He also notes that the person who sent the photos can also be charged with a crime because he or she is under the age of 18.

“If a 16-year-old were to take a nude photograph of themselves and send it on, they can actually be charged for distributing child pornography. And the person receiving it could be found guilty of receiving child pornography,” said Sgt. Rowley.

Police warn parents to caution their kids that if something seems suspicious online, it probably is. Once you hit send or post something online, there's no getting it back.

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