A Davison resident just cashed in for a cool million, thanks to Publishers Clearing House.

Who knew that Publishers Clearing House was still a thing? Honestly, this is the first I've heard of them since Ed McMahon died ten years ago. And they're still giving away money? Apparently so.

George Snyder was in shock when the PCH crew rang his doorbell and presented him with a giant check. He tells Mlive that he plans to spoil his new grandson.

Snyder's wife Barbra was in Plymouth watching their 8-month-old grandson when George called to give her the news.

“Send me a picture, I don’t believe you," she told him over the phone.

She was finally convinced, once the Publishers Clearing House crew sent her a picture.

Snyder says he also plans to use some of the money to take his wife on vacation and to go on a few fishing trips.

Watch the video from Mlive below.


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