Owning a car that travels through time, and setting my garage on fire trying to recreate the DeLorean's fire trails prove that I am a die-hard fan of the epic science-fiction comedy 'Back To The Future'. Every minute of every day of 2015 has been like Christmas for 'BTTF geeks' like myself for so many reasons, and here's one more!

Products that seemed far-fetched in the second installment of the trilogy have miraculously been popping up this year to coincide with the anniversary. Why else would Nike release shoes with power laces?

Pepsi has jumped on the bandwagon, and is releasing a limited number of Pepsi Perfect bottles, only 6,500. Unlike the $50 a pop (literally) from the movie, you can get a piece of the future... soon to be the past, for just $20.15 while supplies last! They go on sale October 21st, which of course is the day Doc and Marty arrive in 2015 to save the McFly kids! Keep up with Pepsi on social media for ordering information.

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