Bad Company celebrated the launch of their Swan Song UK tour - which features the return of temporarily absent original guitarist Mick Ralphs to their lineup - by adding a brand-new song entitled "Troubleshooter" to their set list.

"Troubleshooter" is a muscular mid-tempo rocker that kicks off with chunky acoustic chords. As you can hear in the fan-shot video above, the song once again demonstrates just how incredible singer Paul Rodgers' voice still sounds in concert.

Ralphs was initially scheduled to perform alongside Rodgers and founding drummer Simon Kirke on Bad Company's co-headlining summer 2016 tour of the United States with Joe Walsh, but pulled out before the first date, citing concerns over the amount of travel required. Former Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson filled in for Ralphs on those U.S. dates. (Original bassist Boz Burrell passed away in 2006.)

As of press time, there are no announced plans for any new Bad Company singles or studio albums. There's also no confirmation that the Swan Song tour will be the group's last, despite the somewhat ominous title. (Remember, Swan Song was also the name of the Led Zeppelin-owned label Bad Company recorded for during their heyday.)

The last full-length Bad Company album to feature Rodgers on vocals was 1982's Rough Diamonds. He contributed to four new songs on the 1999 compilation The Original Bad Company Anthology and to two more new studio tracks on the 2002 live album Merchants of Cool.

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