Navigating your way through the dating world can be a tiresome, frustrating experience, but one company wants to change that.

In the biggest social consumer development since Buddy Bands on 'Saved By the Bell,' a  British company called MY Single World is selling bracelets for singles to wear so people know they are not taken.

The pieces cost $9 a pop and come in seven colors. The words 'fate,' 'destiny' and 'future' appear on them. The startup’s founders Rob Young and Rina Mardahl – a couple themselves – say the bracelets offer a nice change of pace. Young said, “Online dating isn’t for everyone, and if you don’t go to bars and clubs, then often it can be very difficult to meet other singles. We wanted to create something that would connect singles in everyday life, be stylish and identifiable and still allow for chemistry between couples.”

Of course, there are detractors – critics point out the bracelets don’t specify if the person is straight or gay and they will be useless if people don’t know what the armwear actually means. And does wearing a bracelet that basically says, “I’m single and looking” reek of desperation?

Young isn’t deterred by the doubters, noting, "When MY Single Band becomes popular these concerns will disappear because it will be widely accepted. The same process has happened with online dating."

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