It occurred to me yesterday that the majority of parents with students in school all get to share one thing on Labor Day. It's not just enjoying a Monday off of work, it's the joy that comes with saying to their kids for the first time all summer, "No, it's a school night!"

Sure there are a few parents out there who get a little sad and bummed out that their kids will be gone for eight hours a day. There are also a few kids who are excited to get back into their educational routine.

But for the most part kids are thinking one thing, and it sounds like this:

On the other hand, most parents are thinking this:

However, one little gem from the kids' side of it came from my nephew, Dominic, yesterday during our family cookout. As they were leaving and Ben and I were playing in the back yard, Dominic yelled from the house, "Just remember, Ben, teachers are more afraid of you than you are of them!" Priceless! Simply priceless!

Are you happy, sad or both to see the kids get back on the bus?

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