Ready or not Davison Cardinals, you are set to return to class on Monday, August 17th.

Davison school principal's made the announcement via a YouTube video (see above). What is the most important school supply this year? According to Siple Elementary Principal Christy Flowers, it is a face mask - followed by a good attitude.

Full disclosure, I did not watch the entire welcome back video. I do not have kids in Davison Community Schools - I don't have kids period. I do have a niece, and three nephews ranging in age from 10-years-old to 17-years-old. Their school districts have yet to announce a back to school plan and or return date.

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Of course it is not up to me if they return to the classroom, but honestly it freaks me out. What about you, does it freak you out too? Do you have kids that attend Davison Community Schools? Is this a surprise to you?

How about your kids? How do they feel about going back to school? As a parent how do you talk to your kids, especially young ones, about being safe and social distancing?

I also wonder what teachers and additional school staff think. I doubt anyone that is against it will voice their opinion on social media, but I am guessing not everyone is thrilled.

As we roll into August, we will be seeing a lot more back to school announcements. Only two ways those announcements can go - class in session, or classes at home. I will keep you posted.

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