I NEVER liked that creepy Burger King King dude. There is something disturbing about someone who has the same stupid smile on their face all the time. It's a terrible ad campaign and should be taken outback behind the shed like Old Yeller.

I LOVE Burger King. The one in Perry and Howell are the only one's I know of that are still left around here. The one in Perry is awesome and I always get great service there.

Will the new look make you want to chase down a Whopper?

What sandwich or fast food place has the fastest TURN AROUND time for you?

I have eaten Taco Bell in my car and had to run in my house minutes later.

One time at Ruby Tuesday's in the Meridan Mall, I ate some crab fondue and knew as soon as I took the first bite it was going to get messy and fast. I have no doubt, I am the reason that place was forced to close.

I have never had that S#!* happen at Burger King. Flame broiled, baby!

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