If you have been relishing in anticipation of Burger King's addition to the fast food "chicken wars" you may have to wait a bit longer as an unforeseen pickle shortage here in the Midwest is delaying the rollout.

According to MLive, Burger King has been dreaming up the sandwich since 2019, tested it in 2020 and were ready to take on major chicken sandwich contenders here in 2021...except for here in the Midwest.

Michigan BK franchise owners like Jim MacDonald (yes, we see the irony here) told MLive that Michigan and our neighboring states are in the final phase to be able to start rolling out the long-awaited sandwich; however, success in other markets and an increased demand for pickle jars during the pandemic has caused Cincinnati-based pickle provider, Kaiser, to not be able to keep up with the demand.

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First, just what the heck do pickle jars have to do with the pandemic and how come these "shortages" have been some of the absolute most unexpected things?

Well, an answer to the pickle jar shortage can be found when you CLICK HERE, but back to the point.

Michigan has plenty of pickle-producing power, our own city of Berrien Springs used to be known so well-known for being a perfect plot for producing pickles there was an entire festival and an ornament called the "Christmas Pickle" because of it!

If anyone can make this gap in gherkins work out for us, it's Michigan.

In fact, MLive reports, "All Michigan restaurants are expected to have the sandwich available by May 5, he said. But that might depend on your local ownership."

As far as Lansing goes, Melissa Dangler, the general manager at the BK on South Cedar St. said she expects their rollout of the sandwich to also be "sometime in May."

“It’s going to be a real big deal… I’m super excited about it," Dangler said. "The quality is going to just shoot us through the roof.”
So if you have been looking forward to the new chicken sandwich, you may have to wait a little longer to relish in your desires! However, it sounds like it will be worth it!

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