There are only so many ways to make a hamburger new and unique, and there are even less ways that taste good (for example, pizza burgers are disgusting). If you're a burger joint who wants to stand out, sometimes your ad campaign is your best bet, but this Australian company is feeling the flame-broiled heat, because they didn't play it "safe."

The Brisbane chain Burger Urge decided to get creative with their recent ad campaign for their premium beef burgers by delivering condoms with the slogan "get intimate with our new premium beef" printed on them. (Read: free condoms delivered to your mailbox.)

Living in New York, free condoms are not easy to find. We do daily hand stretches to prepare us for those days when we come across the elusive free condom bowl at bars, so that we can grab the largest amount of jimmy hats possible in one stealth swoop. We would never complain if someone were to deliver them to our mailbox, even with a weird slogan about beef on them. Slogans are all the same in the dark, after all.

Owner Sean Carthew says he's had some complaints, but he's not concerned with the small percentage of people who are offended by his cheeky ad campaign:

''We've got some big franchise competitors and we're a small business. When you just do standard flyer drops, more often than not they just go straight into the bin. We're just trying to be a little bit creative about how we can market.''

We're thrown off by all the outrage -- while we sort of understand someone taking offense to using female body parts to promote something, isn't safe sex a good thing? Next time we're in Australia, we are totally chowing down on a burger from Burger Urge. Commence hand stretches!


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