I don't know about you, but poster board signs on the outside of a business would be a red flag for me. I drive by Family Pet Grooming Daycare and Boarding daily, and have always thought the signs looked janky. Turns out the signs are not the problem, one of the employees is.

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The Burton business is making headlines after a video of a dog groomer shaking a dog went viral. According to WNEM, the video was filmed roughly 6 months ago. I warn you the video is disturbing. You will see the male dog groomer viciously shake the helpless dog. The unidentified man has been questioned by police, and reportedly posted an apology on his own Facebook page. In that post, he claims that the dog owners would not let him put a muzzle on the dog, and he had to have 12 stitches after the fact.

The investigation is ongoing, you can watch a video update below from Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson. In the video, he reminds us that dog groomers do not have to be licensed (which seems crazy to me), so do your homework. If you have any information that could help with the investigation, reach out to police. This is the first time the Genesee County Sheriff's Department received a complaint about this particular groomer, and I hope the last.

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