Today's top sports stories:

Nate Silver does his numbers-crunching thing and determines each Sweet 16 team's odds of winning the whole thing, plus how their odds have gone up (or down) since the tournament began. Florida Gulf Coast is all the way up to a 0.02 percent chance of winning. Woohoo! [N.Y. Times]

After his win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational this weekend, Tiger Woods has reclaimed the world No. 1 ranking that he relinquished in October 2010. It was his eighth victory at the Orlando, Florida, course, setting him up for a run at his fifth green jacket at the Masters in two weeks. [Orlando Sentinel]

The top remaining free agent of the 2013 off-season, pitcher Kyle Lohse, looks to be close to finally getting a deal. The Milwaukee Brewers have made an offer to the 34-year-old right-hander for three years and $33 million, pending a physical. [Yahoo]

The day that we meet an openly gay, active NFL player may be getting very close. It's still just a rumor, but apparently one such player is more concerned about fans' reactions than the players with him in the locker room. [CBS]

Sergio Garcia gave fans quite a thrill when he decided to play his shot from 15 feet up in a tree. Unfortunately he injured his shoulder doing it, so we probably won't see clips like this many more times. [GuySpeed]

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