Million Dollar Powerball Winner In Lansing
Michigan has been on a hot streak with a big winner in the last couple of months and another person just hit it big out in Lansing for $1 million on Michigan's Powerball!
I'm not a gambler but at this rate, it feels like Michigan is getting million-dollar winners every month this year...
Your Chance To Get Money For College
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a financial aid program for current and prospective college students used to find out your eligibility for student financial aid. Find out more about FAFSA on Thursday (2/4) at Lapeer County Ed-Tech Center.
Homeless Man ‘Wins” $1,000 From Magician
No, it wasn't a scam or a trick. A magician wanted to give $1,000 to a homeless man without making it seem like charity, so he conjured up a lottery winning ticket idea.
Magician Rahat just wanted to help, so he used a losing lottery ticket, and the help of a local convenience store owner who a…

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