Apply now for a chance for your band to have a residency at Cedar Point this year.

Playing in front of thousands of people is every band's dream. With Cedar Point's Bands in Residence program, that dream can become a reality for a select group. The park is now taking applications for a select number of opportunities for bands to play in front of thousands of people every day.

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Should your band be selected, you will be given specific days and times that your band will play at Cedar Point, which would put you in front of thousands of visitors each day. Cedar Point has two different stages close to the midways that bands will play on. They are The Gossip Gulch stage and the BackBeatQue stage.

Bands that are selected for a residency will be able to play for Cedar Point visitors every day for one week and will be paid to do so. Each day will consist of several short sets from the band. Compensation includes accommodations, access to the park, a meal and drink plan, and more.

The park asks that band do not exceed five members due to production limitations. All types of music are acceptable and Cedar Point has an extra emphasis on rock, blues, country, folk, bluegrass, indie/alternative, and pop.

If your band is interested in this opportunity, click here to apply. You'll want to provide as much info as possible about your band and include at least three professionally recorded tracks.

Source: Cedar Point

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