Cedar Point officially opened for the year this past Saturday and has some new attractions to check out.

This year, Cedar Point has added a brand new and pretty huge attraction called 'Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island.' The new attraction is an immersive one that you and your friends play a role in. Challenges, competitions, secret missions, and more are what you are up against as the story unfolds. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing how this works.

Another new attraction this year is the 'Monster Jam Thunder Alley.' Customers will be able to sit inside real Monster Jam trucks, including 'Grave Digger' and 'Megalodon.' You can also ride in a 10 passenger monster truck that drives through an obstacle course and there is a build-a-truck experience if you're into the trucks. Monster Jam Thunder Alley will be open at Cedar Point from May 18th through June 30th.

Cedar Point has also added a few new places to eat this year. Near the Raptor, they have added Hugo's Italian Kitchen, which will serve hand-made pasta and pizza, meatball sandwiches, and more. They have also added BackBeatQue that sports a rock 'n roll and Motown feel. I will definitely be trying this place as I'm a sucker for brisket and rotisserie chicken. BackBeatQue is located somewhere near Magnum XL 200, which is 30 years old this year.

It's been a couple of years since I've been able to make it to Cedar Point so I am ready to go back this year. The Michiganders deal is pretty sweet too, admission, parking, and unlimited pop for only $39.99.

Source: MLive and Cedar Point


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