He says that he values "experiences" and memories over money.

Ely Hydes was the lucky one - he caught Albert Pujol's historic 2000th RBI last week at Comerica Park and now, the Tigers is trying to get it back for posterity. They've offered him quite a few things in exchange for the ball.

  • an autographed Pujols baseball
  • Mike Trout & Miguel Cabrera jerseys
  • meet-and-greet with Pujols
  • a LOT of money (second offer was $25,000)

Ely, however, said NO...and for a good reason. It was his first Tigers game without his son, Cy, who passed away last summer unexpectedly from an infection - Cy was his baseball buddy.

In fact, one of the Comerica ushers came up to Ely and asked about his son last week. So when he caught the ball, it was bittersweet.

Despite all of the above offers, including one from the Baseball Hall of Fame, Ely says he's gonna keep it because he's at a place in his life to "not give a f***."

Kudos, Ely. Major hugs to you.


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