As if periods were not enough of a pain. Ladies, check your box (as in box of tampons) to see if they are being recalled. Kimberly-Clark, the makers of U by Kotex sleek tampons (regular absorbency) have issued a voluntary recall on the period product.

Reports indicate the said product may unravel and or come apart during removal. Ugh. This has resulted with some users needing medical attention to remove pieces of the tampon. Again, Ugh. Bottom line - if you have these tampons, DO NOT USE THEM.

The recall involves the tampons that were made between 10/07/16 to 10/16/18 and distributed between 10/17/16 to 10/23/18. I am guessing that is A LOT of tampons. To find out where to look on your box - of tampons, and see if yours are included in this recall, click here.





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