If you think you drink a lot of beer, wait until you see this Florida condo. Navy veteran Michael Amelotte, completely lined his Florida condominium with Budweiser cans. You cannot even see a wall or ceiling in this place - it is completely covered in beer cans.

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Although Mr. Amelotte, passed away earlier this year, he has certainly not been forgotten, neither has his Budweiser filled home. As a matter of fact, according to the New York Post, there was a bidding war over the condo. Did I mention the home comes with a lifetime supply of Budweiser. It does, as long as the new owner does not touch any of the existing empty cans in the house. I could handle that. I am guessing the new owner will be just fine with that too.

The cool thing about all of the beers on display, they were all drank at the condo. That is a lot of beers over the 16 years that Micheal Amelotte lived in the home. He sounds like he was one hell of a guy - and I am guessing one hell of a good time too. Here's to you Michael Amelotte - you truly are a real man of genius.

The Budweiser Condo



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