I am sure someone recognizes this fool.

These photos were posted by Sandy Schroeder on her Facebook page, after her daughter's car was broken into. According to her post, the incident occurred at roughly 6:00 AM this past Friday, August 16th. Other vehicles (located in the neighborhood within the Kearsley school district), were reportedly broken into as well.

A few years ago I was at a car wash, outside of the bay where my car was parked, getting change from the change machine. I walked back into the bay and saw a man running out. Sure enough - he took my purse from my car. I started screaming for my then-boyfriend who was walking out of the gas station next door to the car wash. The thief was getting in his vehicle in the bay right beside mine. I stood in front of his car so he could not leave. He refused to open his door and give me my purse back. Dumb mistake, my boyfriend kicked his passenger window out and got my purse. It was crazy, it all happened so fast. The thief took off, but I got his license plate. I called the police and he was arrested at his home.

I have said it before, and I will say it again - there is nothing worse than a thief. If you recognize the guy in the pictures below, please call 911.

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