Michigan winter is here and we all know when the snow falls that driving tends to get a little hectic and apparently we aren't the worst place to drive in during the winter. No Michigan isn't the worst state to drive in during the winter but it certainly isn't the safest as Michigan is the 6th worst state to drive in the winter. This is all according to stats by safewise.com, which not ranked states in the snow but also in the rain. Luckily Michigan didn't show up in the top 10 worst states to drive in the rain.

But Safewise had a few things of note about Michigan as we are the only one of the ten most dangerous snow states was also in the top ten for total number of snow-related crashes. Michigan had the highest number of snow crashes (59) and resulting fatalities (72).

Here are the top 5 worst states to drive in during the winter: 1. Wyoming, 2. Vermont, 3. Montana, 4. Idaho, 5. Maine.

Also just some things to think about before you get on the road and be safe on it; always make sure your lights are working, stay about twenty seconds behind other cars in case you have to stop suddenly, and don’t slam on the brakes. Also this is a big suggestion that most people might not remember but if you are driving and your car begins slide, turn INTO the direction of the slide

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