I am sure you remember early on in the pandemic, hand sanitizer and toilet paper were a hot commodity. Purchasing those items now, does not appear to be an issue. A coin shortage is now a concern, and just last week reports of a Dr. Pepper shortage made the news. Today - yet again thanks to COVID-19, apparently pepperoni prices are skyrocketing.

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According to the New York Post, COVID-19 has forced meat processors to “streamline” operations and hampered their ability to produce pepperoni, leading to higher prices for small pizzerias around the country. Bloomberg News is reporting that the popular pizza topping has gone up as much as much as fifty percent in price.

Have you noticed paying more for a pepperoni pizza, or a pepperoni in general? I have not. My pizza toppings of choice are ham, green pepper, and onion. I won't turn down a slice of pepperoni pizza, I just don't order it.

Do you happen to own a pizza place, or any restaurant where pepperoni's are consumed - have you noticed your costs going up? I am not losing it over the 'pepperoni crisis', it just makes me wonder what is next? What will the next item be that will be hard to get? It had better not be Jim Beam or tequila. Now that would be a problem for me.

If you are like me, and can take or leave a pepperoni - let's leave them for the people who really love them. Remember that pepperoni lovers if there is ever a whiskey or tequila shortage, I would appreciate the same respect.

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