It’s difficult to say if Trevor Noah has found his particular Daily Show groove after ascending the throne from Jon Stewart in September, but where Noah hasn’t generally shied away from challenging guests, at least one punch has been pulled. Following controversial announcements of a Chris Brown interview, The Daily Show appears to have quietly canceled the appearance.

Where previously the controversy-laden pop star had scheduled a Tuesday appearance with Noah on The Daily Show, those tuning in instead found Noah talking to America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon. The Daily Beast has previously reported Noah’s Daily Show staff as divided by the prospect of Brown’s appearance, given the felony conviction of assault against then-girlfriend Rihanna, and multiple outbursts since.

According to the report, “Trevor Noah allegedly hopes to use the interview to bring light to domestic abuse issues … Noah’s own ex-stepfather violently abused his mother, at one point shooting her in the face and threatening to kill the young comedian.” Noah himself has also tweeted less-than-savory barbs about the Brown-Rihanna incident in the past, the same flippancy that caused a minor outrage with the announcement of his Daily Show tenure.

It remains to be seen if Noah or The Daily Show will address or reschedule the Chris Brown interview, but was Comedy Central right to slot in Nick Cannon instead?

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