It was heartbreaking to lose Jon Stewart as host of Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show', but Jon himself had a huge roll in selecting his replacement. The decision was made in March to bring on South African comedian Trevor Noah.

Noah started on a South African soap opera before moving to America in 2011, just before January 2012 when he became the first South African comedian to appear on 'The Tonight Show'. He became a contributor on 'The Daily Show' in December of 2014, just a few months before he was tapped to host the show. Now with a few shows under his belt, he is becoming more and more comfortable in the hosting chair.

Obviously with Stewart's departure, some change was inevitable. Obviously there's a new host, but there's also a new set, opening sequence, and they've even changed the font of the show's logo (one 'Daily Show' correspondent was livid that he wasn't consulted about the font). But the theme song and announcer remain the same, as well as the show's format, and mission to continue to fight the war on BS.

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