No charges have been filed, and investigators are still questioning a 17-year-old Davison High School who is allegedly behind the 'Davison Sexting Scandal'.  

According to one report Davison Mayor Tim Bishop, says he has received numerous calls about the scandal. Calling the situation a 'black eye on the community'. All of the pictures involved were taken from Snapchat. People need to remember that images can be screen saved and re-shared. Michigan State Police Lieutenant David Kaiser is reminding people of the consequences when it comes to posting and or sharing nude pics of minors:

 'If you have a picture that’s inappropriate, nude or pictures of the genitals, and it’s someone under the age of 18, it’s child porn. It’s child sexually abusive material. It’s illegal and you can’t possess that. If you distribute that, it’s a felony.'

I'll say! If you think that you are just sending a pic to your boyfriend or girlfriend - think again. Chances are they are most likely showing others or God forbid posting on line for countless people to see as in this situation. Do yourself a favor - DON'T send nude pics ever.

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