It is a rare occasion that a video game is released with the name of a famous city on the cover. A lot of times video games will make cities inspired by real famous cities, but choosing Detroit was different.

For instance, you can recognize the war-torn city of Boston in Fallout 4, and in Marvel's Spider-Man, Spidey swings through a fairly impressive representation of New York City. Not to mention the countless open world levels that allow you to explore areas like Paris, L.A., Tokyo, Seattle, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and even Egypt to name a few.

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You don't have to be a Michigan resident to know Detroit has been through a lot over the years. Detroit is just one of those cities that is known worldwide but is often overlooked in pop culture.

Choosing Detroit

So, when developer Quantic Dream and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment, Inc. announced a video game called Detroit: Become Human, the public was intrigued. It quickly shook the gaming world as it became the company's best-selling game to date, selling over 8 million units since its 2018 release.

Anyone who has played Detroit: Become Human will tell you this game deserves the praise it's gotten. It plays (and looks) like a movie that allows the player to make choices that will affect the storyline. And, for what it's worth, the graphics are good enough to keep the attention of, and entertain, even those who can't stand video games.

In my own experience playing the game, I have personally played through it 3 times so far, but there are likely countless possible endings. I used the first playthrough to make the choices I would actually make in real life. I used the second playthrough to see the difference by making the exact opposite choices from the first playthrough and the differences did not disappoint. In my third go-around, I let my ten-year-old grandson make the choices.

How Many Endings Can One Game Have?

Those who have played the game often compare endings, as there are many different ones. I mean, how many endings could this game actually have? According to Screen Rant, there are 40 different possible endings to Detroit: Become Human. That's a lot of gameplay to see each one play out.

Either way, regardless of where you are from and/or your opinion of the city of Detroit, Detroit: Become Human is a must-play for Detroiters, Michiganders, and humans alike.

The game is equipped with almost video-realistic graphics, incredible voice acting/motion capture, an uncanny resemblance of a futuristic downtown Detroit and its many landmarks, and your choices affect the outcome of the game, providing tons of replay-ability. For those in the market for the game, its price has dropped considerably since its original release (I have seen it as low as $9.99), making Detroit: Become Human a must-play. This game gives Detroit a good name, and I hope it's garnered some respect for the Motor City in the gaming world and beyond.

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