A Detroit man was arrested after police found multiple guns in his home after a search warrant was issued for having a marijuana vending machine outside his home.

This is hands down the bravest/dumbest thing I've heard someone do when it comes to selling cannabis. Yeah, the market is still in this weird gray area where caregivers can still sell to patients, and blah blah blah. But a whole vending machine right outside the door? I'm surprised the vending machine didn't get robbed. 

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 Agents says a Detroit man was making $2,000 a day for four years selling marijuana from a vending machine attached to his home. The man was arrested last week and charged with illegally possessing guns.  Source:NBC25.com

Damn! $2,000 a day? That's $730,000 a year and it's a tax-free baby because criminals don't pay taxes, duh. I can't hate on the guy, he made a few million dollars underneath everyone's nose. Granted they haven't charged him yet for selling all that cannabis but he figured it out. This sounds like the guy will probably just get a slap on the wrist. Which tells me I need to start investing more money into vending machines.

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