The Pistons have agreed to a deal with Joe Johnson after he dominated the BIG3.

'Iso Joe' didn't have an NBA team so he decided to show the world he could still play by crushing the BIG3 league. After hitting multiple game winners throughout the season, and eventually winning the championship, Joe is back in the NBA.

The Pistons have agreed to a deal with Joe for $2.6 Million, according to ESPN. Normally I wouldn't be so excited about the Pistons signing an aging vet, but Joe is different. He's 38 and hasn't played in the league since 2018, but Joe is different.

OK, maybe I'm choosing to ignore some red flags, but I am genuinely excited about Johnson coming to Detroit.  I mean, watch the highlights of his dominating BIG3 season below and try to tell me that you're not the least bit excited to see him in a Pistons uniform.

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