It's Detroit Tiger's Opening Day today, or as some would call it, "I'm not going into work at all today". If you are in need of some pointers on how to "play hooky" today, here are a few:

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    Work As A Team

    Get the whole office involved with your plan to not come into work. Have a plan of action, map it out, and lay down pre-work for your scheme. You will always need back up with you when you have a plan this big.

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    Get Everyone Involved

    Get the whole family involved and make it a day of fun! You have to teach your kids young on how to get out of work to have a little fun every once and a while.

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    Always Have An Exit Strategy

    If you see your boss at Opening Day festivities, always have a plan to get out of there. Or possibly use this information at a later date when the need arises.

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    Have Fun!

    Above all, whatever you decide to do with your Opening Day, have fun! Go Tigers!