There is no denying hunting season is a large part of any state. Though, when it comes to Michigan, firearm deer hunting season might take the mantle as most anticipated of all the seasons. With people of all ages wanting to participate in this yearly affair, that means schools, offices, and more struggle due to low personnel. There’s plenty of Holiday’s that don’t grant people a free day. However, would it be more beneficial for the state to adopt something like a “deer day” so people can still enjoy the hunting season; without too much time off affecting the overall class or work schedule? 

Current “Hunting Break” Participants 

When you think about it, the annual obsession that appears to surround opening day of firearm season makes complete sense. Hunting used to be out of necessity, now it is a sport with only selected participants who have limited tags to use (granted, the tags main purpose is to stop over-hunting). Still nourishment, but not in the way it used to be. Since this day is marked with such importance; many schools, businesses, and even our government officials take time off for it. 

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Some Michigan schools already realized the benefits of structuring lessons around what is essentially a holiday. With attendance dropping so much in schools due to deer season, some school districts (like Hart Public Schools in Hart, MI for instance) decided to schedule the schools state required curriculum around this momentous day. Recognizing the importance of opening day for so many, and in an effort to keep their total attendance up to the required percentage (75% in MI), they made the easy decision to alter their break sessions so students and faculty could take that time off. 

Some people may not know this, but Michigan is one of ten states to have full-time lawmakers that meet year-round. Though, being year-round hasn’t stopped lawmakers from scheduling recesses for hunting season. Even lawmakers who don’t participate in the season's events, recognize the benefits of taking that brief time off and don’t believe that brief of a period would really affect their overall work. Making their break a somewhat “extended” Thanksgiving break, where everyone benefits from their individual time off. 

Should Hunting Break/Deer Day Be Regulated? 

Idea: Should we make deer day become a regular thing so schools and businesses can adjust their schedules ahead of the known absences this season can cause? 

This doesn’t seem like a far-off idea, if I’m being honest. Schools now start before Labor Day. Many start before 8am and many end before, or after, 3pm. So, why not adjust the schedule a few more days to give everyone a long weekend for opening day? With everyone already taking days or extended weekends off to participate in deer season, why not help overall morale efforts and prevent missing work by giving people the day off ahead of time? 

Should schools adopt a Deer Day so their lack of attendance doesn't count against future budget proposals? 

Should businesses give employees this day off so production and morale is high? Should this be limited to certain businesses, would that be fair? 

If our own government can make Deer Day a personal holiday, shouldn’t it at least be considered for other organizations? 

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