Two motorcyclists were critically injured yesterday in what is being called a chain reaction crash. The accident happened yesterday afternoon, August 5th in the 3:00 PM hour.

According to ABC 12, a Vassar man was driving east on M-46 (Tuscola County), and stopped to make a left hand turn onto Ringle Road. A 22-year-old woman was driving behind him. The unidentified woman struck the man, pushing him into oncoming traffic.

What happened next is absolutely horrible. The woman struck two motorcyclists riding west on M-46. A man from Saginaw, and a woman from Flint were thrown from the bike. My God, I am crying as I type this.

The victims were rushed from the scene, and our reportedly in critical condition. According to Michigan State Police, the 22-year-old driver from Mayville, may have been distracted by her cellphone, causing her to hit the other vehicle, and causing him to go into traffic.

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I am sick about this, as I am sure anyone reading this is. I don't understand why anyone would even pick up their phone while driving. It is not worth it. I am sure the woman driving did not think this would happen, but it did. It can happen to you. You can be the cause of an accident, or a victim of a distracted driver.

Please, I beg you - do not text and drive, do not dial your phone and drive. Just put the phone down when behind the wheel. I want you here, and I don't want to see anyone else hurt over something so stupid.

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