in front of fan
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Summer in, humid and sticky! Electric fans are on the end of every store aisle and in everyone's shopping cart. But do they really help in hot weather? The answer might surprise you. Read the story after the jump.


According to British researchers, there is no clear cut evidence to show whether electric fans hurt or help during extreme summer weather. One study indicates that indoor fans may reduce heat-related heart problems, but another study seems to suggest the opposite by saying that fans may make health concerns worse. See if you can make sense of this; "A fan might help to increase heat loss if temperature is less than 95 and the fan is not directly aimed at the person, but when temperatures are above 95 the fan might actually contribute to heat gain."

Here is what I take away from this study; electric fans blow hot air, and any temperature above 95 is miserable!

How do you handle extreme summer heat? Do you have any tips for cooling off that you would like to share?