It's one thing to find your missing dog after searching for nearly a week but to find her out in the middle of Michigan's Saginaw Bay, well, that almost unheard of.

That's exactly what happened Autumn Arsenault, of Gladwin. She left her dog with her father to watch at his home in Bay City while she went out of town. The dog somehow got out of the house and ran away.

Autumn Arsenault, dog owner:

I believe she frantically searched for me when she went through the door. My father ended up falling on the ice and startling her, she took off. He chased her more, which in turn scared her more. He lost visual of her on State Park Drive and Lagoon Beach. I was in Ann Arbor and felt so helpless.

According to MLive, Maehem is a three-year-old Kai Ken, which is a rare Japanese dog breed.

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Arsenault was obviously devastated to find out that her dog was missing. She put together search parties and scoured the neighborhood but had no luck. At one point, there were planes in the sky searching for the dog because she was told her dog had been spotted on the ice covered Saginaw Bay.

Finally, after days of searching, someone in the area spotted her. Apparently, the dog managed to make her way 7 miles out on the ice on Saginaw Bay.

They took multiple snowmobiles out on the ice and spotted her. They called her over and she came running and was very happy as she unloaded lots of kisses onto her rescuers.

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