One little dog is now being called a "Miracle Pup" after his dramatic rescue from the Detroit River.

Miracle is definitely an apt description when you consider the fact that this puppy's adventure began last Wednesday when he was first spotted floating on ice in the middle of the Detroit river. Take a look.

According to WXYZ Detroit, the pup was finally rescued on Saturday by LaSalle Fire and Rescue in Windsor, Canada. That's a full four days from when he was first spotted. As a reminder, temperatures were below 30 degrees for that entire time. It's thought that a coyote may have chased the dog onto the ice, but its really just speculation.

After his rescue, the dog was brought to Woodhaven Animal Hospital in Woodhaven, MI where he is currently receiving treatment. Surprisingly enough, the dog is relatively okay. According to Dr. Greear of Woodhaven Animal Hospital, he may have a bit of frostbite on his paws but overall, he's doing alright. Which is really surprising considering this poor baby had chunks of ice stuck to his legs when he was brought in for assessment. The goal, now, is to make sure he is stable.

Currently, his name and owner are unknown.

Now, you may be wondering why the rescue took so long but, with the unstable ice on the Detroit River it made reaching the dog difficult. Thankfully, Jude Mead and Jude Mead Jr., co-owners of J&J Marine Ltd., stepped in once the dog moved closer to land.

You can follow Woodhaven Animal Hospital's Facebook page for updates on this little miracle pup.

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