For the past seven years, Doritos has sponsored a 'Crash The Super Bowl' contest in which amateur ad-makers compete to have their 30 second spots for the tortilla chips played during the big game. For 2013's Super Bowl commercial, the competition is fierce.

Doritos has just announced the five finalists, each of which will be aired during the Super Bowl. Voting on Facebook will determine the overall winner. If the chosen video proves to be among the highest rated overall -- and in the past the crowd-sourced spots have been very well-received -- the prize money for winning the contest can be up to a million dollars.

The five competing spots are posted below. As you can see, they feature many staples of past Super Bowl commercial, such as mischievous animals, cute children and unexpected blows to sensitive areas.

Which one do you think will win? And how would you compare the quality of these amateur spots to the professionally-produced commercials you see every day?

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