This time of year reminds me of many things. It reminds me of all the good times I have had tailgating, the memories of past summers and my sobriety anniversary.

Before I sobered up I was a party animal. Of course, I partied for the wrong reasons, did I have fun? I'd be lying if I said I didn't. I am grateful for my sobriety. I used to love taking trips, visiting new towns and taking in their bar scene. I can do that now, I just don't drink alcohol.

What are the criteria for being the drunkest town in Michigan? According to MLive:

This particular list ranks Michigan's drunkest cities based on the following criteria: number of bars, wineries and liquor stores per capita, each city's drunkenness-related tweets, and, for some reason, the city's divorce rates. Seemingly not factored in is each community's proclivity toward existential dread or the suffering of conditioned existence that often leads one down the bottle.


Drunkest Cities In Michigan

  1. Traverse City - T.C. is a blast, St. Patrick's Day is fun too.
  2. Mount Clemens - I didn't party here, it's best that I didn't.
  3. Ferndale - I have friends from Ferndale that speak highly about it.
  4. Muskegon - Anytime you're on the water, there's more alcohol is consumed.
  5. Benton Harbor - I grew up here. Yes, it's a party.
  6. Kalamazoo - Duh, Western Michigan University is there.
  7. Escanaba - Might be something to do in the U.P.
  8. Flint - It's Flint.
  9. Grand Haven - Same thing as Muskegon.
  10. Bay City - I've never been to Bay City. I'll visit Bay City sober and you can drink it up.

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