E.G. Nicks Grill and Tavern was part of a group of Lapeer restaurants that have opted to remain open, and serve indoor diners. This of course goes against the recent order to end indoor dining service in Michigan.

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E.G. Nicks owner Jeff Ryeson, told ABC 12 that he received a call from someone at the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. According to Mr. Ryeson, this is what the call entailed,

“They gave me a warning and also said during this time they’re doing emergency suspension, so that means they can just come in and take your license. And if they do, there’s no telling how long you’ll lose it for and how much money it’ll cost you to get it back."

Yeah I would say a call like that would make any restaurant or bar owner reconsider staying open. I don't blame him for calling it off, and if you watch his video interview here, you will see he is not bitter. I respect that.

Jeff Ryeson, like the other Lapeer restaurant owners who are choosing to remain open for indoor dinning, claims he was just trying to keep his employees employed. Will the other restaurants get the same call too? That remains to be seen at this time.

I want to be clear that although, dining in is no longer an option at E.G. Nicks Grill and Tavern, carry out is available. Check out their menu here.

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