Ed Sheeran is reportedly in talks to make an appearance in — and contribute music to — director Danny Boyle's upcoming music-themed film about a man who discovers he's the only one who can remember the Beatles' music.

Initial word of Sheeran's involvement comes courtesy of Deadline, where it's reported that the currently untitled comedy project — written by Love Actually's Richard Curtis — has already rounded up a cast that includes Lily James, Kate McKinnon and Himish Patel. Boyle, who's also on board to direct the next James Bond movie, is said to be planning on wrapping up this film before getting started on the 007 adventure.

Sheeran has made a handful of forays into acting, perhaps most notably through a cameo appearance on Game of Thrones that ended up being one of the more widely derided moments in a mostly well-regarded season. Yet according to the Daily Mail, his involvement in this film will land more on the musical end of the spectrum — through his friendship with Curtis, Sheeran's reportedly contributing songs to the soundtrack, with plans to make "a performance cameo" onscreen.

For Sheeran, who's a noted Beatles fan, it's an opportunity to be a part of something that twists a persistent conspiracy theory to ostensibly end up paying tribute to one of his formative musical influences. For the producers, it's obviously a little more of a business deal — an opportunity to attach one of the world's biggest pop stars to their film. As a source connected with the production told the Daily Mail, "Everything Ed touches turns to gold. He is the biggest hitmaker on the planet. If anyone can make a film about the Beatles songs even better musically, it's him."

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