Achieving a Guinness World Record in Michigan may not be as hard as you thought.

When most people think of Guinness World Records, they think of things that take extraordinary skill or weird superhuman abilities. However, most people can create and achieve a Guinness World Record if they try hard enough.

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Many people throughout Michigan have taken the extra time to come up with an idea for a record and have achieved it. You can see proof of that in the photos below. All you need is an idea and a little practice and you'll be in the book in no time.

If you have ever wondered what it takes to officially get into the Guinness Book of World Records, the application process is pretty simple. First, read through the records section of the website and get familiar. Second, register to gain access to the record database. Third, find the record you want to break or set and apply. Fourth, complete the forms. Fifth, if the application is accepted, you'll receive the next steps.

When you start searching through the records, you will find a lot of records in Michigan or set by Michiganders. Honestly, some of them don't seem like they would be that hard to beat if you have the right skills. For example, a college in Michigan currently holds the record for World's Largest Snowball. That is something that can easily be beaten with the right team and effort.

Check out eight weird Guinness World Records set by some of Michigan's finest below.

Source: Guinness Book of World Records

Eight Weird Guinness World Records in Michigan That Can Be Broken

Achieving a Guinness World Record in Michigan may not be as hard as you thought. Check out eight weird Guinness Records that exist right now in Michigan.

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