Talk about some serious caffeine! A northern Michigan restaurant decided to make St. Patrick's Day the day to go for a new world record for the largest Irish coffee.

One of my favorite spots up north, Interlochen's Hofbrau, was hoping to catch the eye of the Guinness World Record folks by serving up a 550-gallon Irish coffee. The popular restaurant and bar announced they were attempting the record on their Facebook page at the beginning of March.

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Hofbrau teamed up with sponsors Tullamore Dew and Higher Grounds Trading Co. to make the massive drink a reality. Tullamore Dew provided the whiskey, and the coffee was courtesy of Traverse City-based Higher Grounds Trading Co.

What Goes Into the World's Largest Irish Coffee?

The recipe may be simple, but the quantities are massive! According to the posted ingredients, the record-breaking cup of java with a kick had the following:

  • 69 gallons of whiskey
  • 412 gallons of coffee
  • 190 pounds of brown sugar
  • 69 gallons of cream

All served up in a custom mug that measured 7’ tall and 6.5’ across made by Mesick-based My Metal Medium.

Photo: Hofbrau Facebook
Photo: Hofbrau Facebook

Hofbrau Owner Brian McAllister said that he and his son have been preparing for more than a year.

"Well, we want to set the Guinness Book of World Record, the current record is 350 gallons. We're making Irish Coffee for 550 gallons,” McAllister said.

McAllister already applied to Guinness World Records, and now that the coffee has been "served' he will submit proof and wait to hear if the record has been secured. In the meantime, there is a ton of energetic people in Interlochen.

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