Someone is disgruntled.

An employee at a Marathon gas station in Pinconning, purposely set two fires - one inside of the gas station, and one outside of  the building. The accused employee has not been identified, but according to WNEM the employee was taken to a nearby hospital for an evaluation.

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I cannot wrap my head around why someone would do something like that. From all accounts, the fire was contained, but holy hell - the building could have exploded. You have to be extremely pissed off about your job to do something like this. I do not know if this was a rash decision, or planned out - but obviously there are going to be consequences.

I remember a person that worked here at the radio station many years ago who would take toilet paper home. This person admitted to doing so on the air - from that moment on, the toilet paper here has been locked up. I am guessing someone is now taking paper towels, because I have been drying my hands on my pants for a few weeks.

All kidding aside, this fire is a serious matter, and I hope whoever set the blazes gets the help he or she needs. I am also glad that no one was seriously injured. If you are unhappy at your job, look for another one. Do not let it consume you. Your happiness and well being are way more important than that.

Walk away at the end of the day, knowing that tomorrow will be better.

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