If you went off the grid or out of town for the weekend, you may be unaware of all the craziness that took place in the 810 over the weekend.

Eric Mays DUI Charge Reversed by Judge

Kicking off the weekend was news that a judge had reversed the impaired driving charge of which disgraceful City Councilman/aspiring Mayor Eric Mays was found guilty. Apparently, the judge felt Mays' fine of $10,000 was too high for the charge, which is a reasonable assessment. However, when you consider his ridiculous antics and overall disrespect for the legal system, city and courtroom throughout the proceedings -- you can see why that judge hit him with a larger than normal fine.

Another reason given for the reversal was said to be that Mays was not made aware of the dangers of acting as his own attorney. Anyone who bothered to do any digging would have found that not only was he aware that it was not a great idea (a sentiment he himself shared in several interviews -- including this one with our sister station), but he fought for the right to act as his own attorney. There is no word on whether he will be re-tried for the driving while impaired charge, which was already trimmed down from the initial charges of which he was most likely guilty.

Two Dead After Late Night Hit and Run at Richfield and Huggins

Two women were found dead as the result of a hit and run that took place near Richfield and Huggins Roads at around 1:30a Saturday morning. Surveillance from a nearby business showed the women, who were walking down the street, being struck by a Chevy HHR, which continued driving after the fatal impact. Police were able to track down and arrest the woman that was driving and said that alcohol was a factor in the accident.

I-69 and Dort Hwy Re-Open After Massive Gas Explosion

A gas line was struck during the course of the road work being done at I-69 and Dort and an explosion happened Saturday afternoon. The fire burned for hours and two motorists were injured in the blast. It was eventually contained and the both the road and expressway are now open. There was some damage done by the explosion that will require more intensive repair than was initially planned.

Residents Startled By Low-Flying Helicopters and Explosions Saturday Night

Anyone in Flint who hit up Facebook on Saturday night likely saw friends asking questions like "What's up with all the helicopters?" or "Did anyone hear that large boom?" As you probably know, there have been some military training exercises held in Flint recently. It just so happens that the choppers and explosions heard Saturday night were also a part for these ongoing exercises. Unlike the first round of training in Flint, citizens were made aware of this exercise in advance via the City of Flint Facebook page -- a practice which will be used for these situations moving forward.

ATTENTION.... Flint Police are currently coordinating safety measures in a training exercise in three separate locations...

Posted by City of Flint Police Department on Saturday, June 6, 2015

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