If you haven’t felt like it’s been summer yet here in West Michigan because it’s been fluctuating between hot and cool temperatures, don’t worry according to MLive July is supposed to be very hot.

MLive says the NOAA’s climate prediction center says temperatures around Michigan will be warmer than normal which means it looks like we’ll have a lot of uncomfortably hot days with temperatures between 85 and 95° throughout July. The good news is it looks like the east side of the states going to get hit with the hotter temperatures and we may luck out here on the west side. But those hot temperatures are going to extend all the way up into the U.P., so there's no escaping it.

The warm summer isn’t going to just be in Michigan. According to NOAA predictions, MLive says the entire country looks to be warmer than normal through the month of July.

The MLive meteorologist did have some hopeful predictions that throughout the month, we look to have weekly cool air storm-fronts that will make their way south from Canada giving us a couple of cool days each week to break up the hotter than normal temperatures. It’s also most likely when we’ll see rain throughout the month too when those cold fronts move through.

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