Recently a family in Colorado made news for purchasing and eating a box of Quaker 100% Natural Granola cereal with an expiration date of 1997. Say what?

I would be freaking out. I am that person who won't eat or drink anything after an expiration date. Day old donuts? Forget about it. I check dates on items before I even put them in my grocery cart. Do you? Does expired food and or drink matter to you? If I have leftovers, I will eat them the very next day - but after that, forget it. Does this make me nuts? Am I being too over the top?

As of now, the Walmart store where the cereal was purchased has not issued a statement. I am guessing the only thing the family that purchased the 'antique' cereal is a return. Let this be a warning to you to check expiration dates. Lucky for me tequila does not expire. If it does, quite frankly that is one expiration date that DOES NOT scare me off.

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