Did you accidentally buy a highly explosive mixture of kerosene and gas? You're not in trouble, but the police are looking to talk to you.

According to a Mlive report, the Admiral Gas Station at 7510 North Genesee Road in Genesee Township accidentally sold a few customers a highly explosive mixture of gasoline and kerosene on Tuesday, January 31st. A few customers who bought straight kerosene may have way more than they bargain for with this highly dangerous mixture.

Above, are a couple of customers who may have, unknowingly, bought this mixture according to the Admiral Gas Station's security camera footage. Police hope to contact these guys to make sure they are aware of the issue.

If you believe that you may have bought this kerosene gas mixture, you are asked to not use it and to contact Brenner Fuel Company's safety department at 616-582-2641.

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