Who's up for some Kellogg's Pop Tarts? "Everybody" would be my guess. And you might want to make sure you have some in your house for your party on Super Bowl Sunday. According to MLive.com, Pop-Tarts - made by Battle Creek based Kellogg's - will air their first Super Bowl ad on February 2nd. Ostensibly causing everyone to put down the Doritos and beer and go for the chocolate-frosted Pop-Tarts.

We don't know much about the spot, but we do know it cost Kellogg's a bunch. Fox Sports has announced that all 77 national spots to be aired during the Super Bowl have been sold. The price for Kellogg's to talk about Pop-Tarts for 30 seconds? $5.6 million.

Better be good. But, let's remember that Kellogg's has already dipped their toe into the Super Bowl ad-game the last couple of years when they paid for and aired spots for their Pringles potato chips. And those turned out to be funny, so - bring it on. (Bring back Bill Hader for these, please. Thank you.)

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