A peppermint candy cane is synonymous with Christmas. We have all been there, done that. But what about a Froot Loops flavored candy cane? Yes my friend, it is time to step up your candy cane game.

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Kellogg's is offering up the new tasty treat just in time for the holiday's. I have yet to actually try a Froot Loop candy cane - but it has to be good, right? Froot Loop cereal is legit, so I imagine this cane is too. These sugar sticks are priced just right too. A box of 12 sells for only $3.99. You can order a box, or six, here. I did see some for sale on Amazon as well, but they were priced higher ($9.40 a box) for some reason. I did read that you can buy them at Kroger, but I have not seen any in store myself.

These flavored candy canes would make for a nice addition to your Christmas cakes or cookies. Something a little more exciting than a traditional candy cane. Give the people at your cookie exchange something to talk about - am I right? They will think you have lost your damn mind.

With the year we have had, anything goes. Serve them to your kids for breakfast on Christmas morning for all I care. Life is short, get yourself some Froot Loops flavored candy canes. Keep in mind they are only available for a limited time.

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