It's hard for children who lose parents before they can even crawl. The only memories of the lost parent comes from photos, videos, and family stories. But imagine losing both parents at the tender age of five months.

That's what happened to Jayce Alexander Moore. His parents were crushed in a horrific car accident on I-75 in Oakland County earlier this month. They were run over by a semi-truck while traveling with their hazard lights on and traveling at around 20 miles per hour.  The semi-truck driver didn't see their vehicle until it was too late. The mangled wreckage was so bad that rescue workers initially didn't realize there was a car in the debris. is hosting a fundraiser to help Jayce and his family while they attempt to pick up the pieces after this horrible tragedy.  The goal is $1,000, and so far $165 has been donated.  With 163 days left for the fundraiser, you have time to help out this five-month-old and his family.

Below is the TV coverage about the accident that closed I-75 in Troy that took the lives of his parents.  You can help out by clicking here to make a donation.

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