Flint is going to need a ton of apprentices if the proposed lead pipe replacement plan moves forward. Learn how you can get trained in the field and get employed here.

Replacing Flint's lead pipes is going to be a big job, especially on the understandably aggressive schedule that Mayor Karen is proposing. According to NBC25, Weaver is looking to replace 15,000 lead service lines in the next year. To give you some perspective on how big of a job that is -- it has taken Lansing about 12 years and $42 million to replace around 14,000 service lines. However, their situation was not as dire as Flint's, so there wasn't a big push to get it done right away.

If Flint goes forward with Weaver's plan, the city will need hundreds of trained workers to complete the task. Luckily, the Michigan Laborers' Union is offering a free training program for those interested in becoming apprentices. Lynn Coleman, Director of the Michigan Laborers' Training and Apprenticeship Institute, said of the potential trainees:

"We want them to come in and become of member of the union in Flint. They'll not only learn the skills needed to help Flint, but other jobs will be available in the future. We have the ability to provide them with good benefits for their families also." 

Those interested in the free 80-hour training program can apply in person at the MLTAI, which is located at 11155 Beardslee Road in Perry, Michigan.


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