Floyd Mayweather -- champion boxer, renowned hugger, serial domestic abuser -- attended the Warriors-Grizzlies game last night. (Warriors won, btw.) The folks at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, saw fit to put the megastar's face up on the Jumbotron, at which point the even finer folks in the audience let Floyd know exactly what they thought of the guy who recently charged a lot of them $100 each to watch him dance around and occasionally lightly tap Manny Pacquiao for 12 not-hard-fought-at-all rounds -- never even for a moment risking any actual damage to his pretty-boy face. They booed the hell out of him. And Floyd just laughed.

So would you, we suppose, if you just split a record-shattering $400 million purse with a fellow middle-aged, formerly great boxer but now just plain slow guy with basically one arm. The colossal disappointment that was the Mayweather-Pacquiao "Fight of the Century" will not soon be forgotten by anyone who chose to endure watching it, but you can bet Floyd will sleep soundly on his mattress stuffed with those very $100 bills we all eagerly forked over. Must be nice.

Apparently the boos for Floyd were far louder and more enthusiastic than those for the visiting Grizzlies, with whom the Warriors are currently engaged in a brutal, genuinely hard-fought series. So yeah, Bay Area fans chose to let Floyd know that they prefer the company of the team trying to end the Warriors' season, rather than be forced to even momentarily gaze upon Mayweather's smiling face.

Moral of the story? Everyone hates Floyd Mayweather, and he just doesn't give a sh**.

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