For the girl(s) who loves to bare it all - I give you the Mid Wash Denim Knicker, or what I like to call the blue jean thong.

These shorts are being sold by a British company called Pretty Little Thing. What does it cost to look this cheap, I mean trendy? Roughly $21 dollars. If you have the body and the booty - I say go for it. These have festival written all over them. Or perhaps family reunion? Just kidding!

The company's website reads to wear them under chaps, so there is an option. Is it optional to wear them over sweats? That I may be able to pull off. I am sure the possibilities are endless. I am not going to lie, from the back these 'shorts' look uncomfortable. If you order a pair, let us know how you will be rocking them. Walmart is a good place to start. Beats the hell out of seeing people in pajama pants.

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